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Website Design & Development

We build cutting-edge websites with mobile-optimized design and latest technology & trends.

Search Engine Optimization

Be Found on Search Engines and Get Organic Traffic & Leads from Your Website with Our Search Engine Marketing Campaigns. Beat Your Competition by Ranking on Google for Your Niche Keywords.


Get Targetted Paid Traffic & Leads For Your Business With Our Pay-Per-Click Strategies. Our Google Adwords PPC & Facebook Ads Experts Work With You To Design Optimized Campaigns To Bring More Leads to Your Sales Funnel.

Build Sales Funnel

Having a Proper Sales Funnel is Key to Converting The Leads & Traffic To Paid Customers. We Help You Build a Complete Sales Funnel with Bait, Upsell, Downsell, AbandonCart & Email Sequence to Convert Your Leads To Customers.

Social Media Management

Get Engaged With Your Audience and Share Content, Information & Offers On Your Social Media Regularly. Our Social Media Experts Will Generate Enough Buzz and Get Leads & Traffic to Your Business.

About Us

Siraj Hudda
Founder – TopCanadaSeoWebDesign

Hi, We at TopCanadaSeoWebDesign strive towards getting One Most Important Aspect of Any Business, LEADS & TRAFFIC!

Imagine having a World Class Infrastructure, Talent & Business Model but what good it is without any Clients / Customers.

We have seen this pattern over and over with failed businesses and it is not the business that is wrong but they don’t have enough revenue coming in to scale the business and grow.

Professionals like Dentists, Chiropractors, Lawyers, Attorneys, Accountants, etc and

Local Businesses like Restaurants, Gyms, Contractors, Plumbers, etc

All face challenges when it comes to scaling their business and growing steadily.

We help these businesses from building their Website, Creating Proper Sales Funnel To Leverage a Lead, Optimizing Website and Getting Organic & Paid Traffic with Our Search Engine Marketing and Paid Traffic using Google & Facebook Ads to Generate Continous Leads & Traffic for the business.

If You are looking to Scale & Grow Your Business then Get in Touch with Us by filling in the Breakthrough Form and Getting Started.

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Search Statistics

Search engine optimization is becoming a must for any company who is looking to grow their online presence. Here are some interesting statistics conducted by independent organizations on customer behavior when interacting with search engines such as Google.

Our Process

Vancouver SEO Services

Talk with any marketer serving small or big businesses and they will tell SEO is must in this day and age. There are very few marketing strategies that can rival SEO, especially when it comes to internet marketing. Although the each type of internet marketing has its own merits and demerits, SEO appears to be one of the most advantageous marketing strategies.

The benefits of Vancouver SEO services span are numerous and easy to enumerate. Of the bat, being successful in the search engine optimization process enables businesses to gain more traffic to the websites as a benefit of being ranked among the top results in the search engine results page. Additionally, SEO is well known to offer the best return on investment of any marketing endeavor.

These clear benefits have attracted many business managers and owners to SEO. However, there are other benefits that might not be as clear to business owners and managers since their quantification is not straight forward. Nonetheless, they are still important to businesses and play a huge role in improving the bottom line of the business. Herein are some of the unexpected benefits of SEO services.

Improved User Experience – Part of the optimization process involves taking steps to reduce the bounce rate as well as taking steps to improve Google’s understanding of your content. This inherently involves improving the usability of websites, which goes a long way in improving the user experience. Although the main reason for many Vancouver SEO Expert to streamline websites is to improve ranking, the processes also improve the user experience, which is important for retaining customers.

Improved Brand Awareness – Ranking on Google’s first page makes a business’ brand more recognizable, thus improving brand awareness. It is widely known that people rarely go beyond the first page when it comes to clicking links on search engine results page. Only the top ranked links are considered as relevant among the search engine users. By extension, your brand will be recognized as relevant to your niche when you rank top, thus improve the value of your brand.

Long Lasting Results – While the majority of the marketing efforts in the internet realm are never enduring, Vancouver SEO Company is an exception. If you compare the result from pay per click marketing and SEO, as soon as you seize carrying out the campaign in PPC, the marketing results seize. However, with British Columbia SEO Services once you rank, you continuously reap from being ranked among the top results in your niche.

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