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Get Targetted Paid Traffic & Leads For Your Business With Our Pay-Per-Click Strategies. Our Google Adwords PPC & Facebook Ads Experts Work With You To Design Optimized Campaigns To Bring More Leads to Your Sales Funnel.

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Having a Proper Sales Funnel is Key to Converting The Leads & Traffic To Paid Customers. We Help You Build a Complete Sales Funnel with Bait, Upsell, Downsell, AbandonCart & Email Sequence to Convert Your Leads To Customers.

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Get Engaged With Your Audience and Share Content, Information & Offers On Your Social Media Regularly. Our Social Media Experts Will Generate Enough Buzz and Get Leads & Traffic to Your Business.

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Siraj Hudda
Founder – TopCanadaSeoWebDesign

Hi, We at TopCanadaSeoWebDesign strive towards getting One Most Important Aspect of Any Business, LEADS & TRAFFIC!

Imagine having a World Class Infrastructure, Talent & Business Model but what good it is without any Clients / Customers.

We have seen this pattern over and over with failed businesses and it is not the business that is wrong but they don’t have enough revenue coming in to scale the business and grow.

Professionals like Dentists, Chiropractors, Lawyers, Attorneys, Accountants, etc and

Local Businesses like Restaurants, Gyms, Contractors, Plumbers, etc

All face challenges when it comes to scaling their business and growing steadily.

We help these businesses from building their Website, Creating Proper Sales Funnel To Leverage a Lead, Optimizing Website and Getting Organic & Paid Traffic with Our Search Engine Marketing and Paid Traffic using Google & Facebook Ads to Generate Continous Leads & Traffic for the business.

If You are looking to Scale & Grow Your Business then Get in Touch with Us by filling in the Breakthrough Form and Getting Started.

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Search Statistics

Search engine optimization is becoming a must for any company who is looking to grow their online presence. Here are some interesting statistics conducted by independent organizations on customer behavior when interacting with search engines such as Google.

Our Process

Calgary SEO Services

A lot of smaller, local business owners cannot really see the point of SEO – and that’s an unfortunate thing because when it is done well the benefits of search engine optimization are clear.

Calgary SEO Expert is something that helps companies to be more visible online – and online doesn’t just mean “on a desktop computer”. Have you ever used your phone to search for “Italian food” and then went to the venue that popped up in the search results? That venue probably got there through diligent SEO.

Local businesses often try to get by on word of mouth, or, not wanting to wait for search engine optimization to kick in they instead choose to put a huge focus on paid search or on social media marketing. These are legitimate options, but they are also things that require more intensive effort and expenditure. When you stop spending money on paid search, the traffic stops coming in.

Calgary SEO Services requires a sustained effort as well, but a few days break won’t destroy your rankings. As long as you are drip feeding links and content, you should find that SEO works well and that the traffic keeps on coming in.

One important thing to remember about SEO is that the search engines are very clever these days and they won’t just rank a site highly because it is keyword stuffed or it has a lot of incoming links. To rank well in the search engines these days, your content needs to be well written, current, informative, entertaining and factually correct. Incoming links need to be from high-quality sources, and your site needs to be fast to load, well designed and mobile friendly.

This is a lot of work to get right – and that’s why it is so important that you work with Calgary SEO Experts. SEO is something that anyone could do in theory, but professional SEO services have more knowledge, more time, and more resources, and they have already done the research. They know the most common mistakes to avoid, and they know what it takes to rank well. They also have a network of people that they can share content with so that they can get incoming links for you.

It can take several months for a Calgary SEO Company campaign to pay off, but it will be worth the effort. If you are concerned that you are pouring money down the drain for nothing, think of it this way. Your SEO efforts will get you visitors not just from the keywords that you EXPECT to bring traffic, but also from other content on your site that you never thought of. It will help you to reach people who are searching for highly specific content that you have. It will bring in results even when you don’t have an ad campaign running. Once your site ranks well, a small trickle of regular maintenance will hopefully be enough to keep it there.

That’s the beauty of search engine optimization. It forces you to think about your site in practical terms. It helps you to get good rankings, and it forces you to produce good content and have a user-friendly layout. It helps you to find new sites to share content with and to link to. It is the perfect solution to brand building in many ways – because it gives you a multi-pronged approach to marketing.

Every website owner should do Alberta SEO. If you’re launching a new website it’s one of the most important ways of getting traffic. If you have an existing website it’s what will help you to keep getting traffic in the long term.

Sit down with an expert and get them marketing your website today. Ask them what you can do to help – whether that’s writing content, making infographics, or sharing stuff on social media. Get working today, and schedule some time each week to keep on working, so that you don’t have to worry about your competitors surpassing your efforts. Install a Google Analytics plugin, and pay attention to what it says – you might be surprised at the results, and it will give you an idea of what to focus on in the future marketing wise.

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